Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bookgasm in the 32nd Manila International Book Fair

Bf and I are both book hounds. One of our simple pleasures is raiding book sales. So when SMX held the 32nd Manila International Book Fair, of course we had to be there. I have a big box of still-unread books, but I can't stop buying books! T_T

Here are some pictures of the registration area and the lobby.

32nd Manila International Book Fair registration area

32nd Manila International Book Fair

32nd Manila International Book Fair

32nd Manila International Book Fair

32nd Manila International Book Fair

Bf was thrilled to see none other than his favorite author, Prof. Ambeth Ocampo. Ambeth (yeah we're close, first name basis baby...joke!) was chatting with some friends. It was already getting late and they were probably hungry. Bf and I were about to approach Ambeth to have a book signed when a girl arrived and handed them a box of donuts. I told bf that we should just come back after they've finished eating. Ambeth heard me as he was biting into a donut. He put the donut down and gestured for us to approach. That was really nice of him. Other authors would probably have been already (understandably) cranky by then.

I was supposed to take bf's picture with Ambeth but Ambeth's friend asked us if we had a camera and volunteered to take our picture, so I was included in the photo. What a sweet lady! But because we're camera shy, I've cropped the picture before posting it here. That thing above Ambeth's head (beside the denim jacket) is my neck. :)

Ambeth Ocampo at the 32nd Manila International Book Fair

Total damage: P1317
My book haul:

books bought at the 32nd Manila International Book Fair

I like buying business and personal finance books so I got these four books:

Cashflow Quadrant book by Robert Kiyosaki
P236 (reg price P295)
How to Protect Your Property and Business from Lawsuits book by Jim Lopez
P440 (reg price P550)
Dear Mr Buffet book by Janet Tavakoli
Review of Business Law book by Oscar Ferreros
The last one was kinda old (1986 edition), but the law does not change much so I still bought it.

I collect Dean Koontz novels, so I bought three of his hardbound books. The first one was a graphic novel. It was a quick read. I finished it before going home.

Odd is on Our Side book by Dean Koontz
The Face book by Dean Koontz
The Good Guy book by Dean Koontz
I'm also fascinated by language books. This guy would be joining his Nihongo, Mandarin, Amoy, French, and Spanish buddies inside my book cabinet.

Ultimate Portuguese language book

Damage to bf's pocket: P1476

His haul:
The Taming of the Shrew - P54 (reg price P60)
How Green is Your Mind - P120 (reg price P150)
Makamisa - P156 (reg price P190)
Talking History - P300
A Calendar of Rizaliana - P320
Great Trials - P30
2 books for P100 - Merriam-Webster Style; Pygmalion
4 books (P99 each) about Tom Cruise, Henrietta Lacks, Armageddon, and Al Qaeda opium, respectively

Thanks to that Mongkok annoyance, we arrived at the book fair less than 2hrs before closing time and was not able to see all the books up for sale. At first we were a bit sad because of that, but by closing time, we were actually thankful that we arrived late, because otherwise, we would have ended going home with tons more books! Needless to say, my arms were sore the following morning.

32nd Manila International Book Fair
September 14-18, 2011
Exhibit Hall, SMX Convention Center
Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Metro Manila


  1. i share your passion - books! i can stay inside a bookstore for half a day and have to stop myself from buying them all...LOL!

    i am now fascinated with YA books, not that i am on that age range but easy read for me...after reading paulo coelho, i need a "brain" break :)


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