Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Persia Grill (University Mall in Taft Avenue, Manila)

It had been ages since I last went to the University Mall (UM) in Taft Avenue, Manila (the one near De La Salle University). During my days as a Green Archer, UM was a dim and gloomy-looking mall. We students frequented it, though, since it was just a few steps away and the establishments there offered interesting stuff. When we went to UM after the World Food Expo, I was surprised to see that UM has been revamped into a posh mini mall.

Persia Grill was one of the several establishments that were still open that time. We were already hungry so we decided to eat there.

Several months ago, we dined at Persia Grill in SM North. I did not enjoy the food much, which surprised me since I really enjoyed other Persian restaurants like Ababu and Grilled Tomato. I was the one who chose Persia Grill in UM because I wanted to give it another chance. In the SM North branch, I ordered Chelo Kebab Kobideh, so I decided to try something else. I'm a fan of sisig, so that was what I ordered.

Persia Grill Sisig
Persian Sisig

Persia Grill Rice
Long-grained Rice with Butter

Persia Grill Blue Lemonade
Blue Lemonade

Unfortunately, I still didn't like the food. I really didn't know why. I couldn't pinpoint the source of my dissatisfaction with the taste. The owner, local actor and TV host Kian Kazemi, is half-Iranian and seems to be hands-on when it comes to the management of his restaurant, so I have no doubt about the authenticity of the flavor.

I really can't explain it.

Anyway, take this post with a grain of salt. I checked other reviews online and many of Persia Grill's customers seem to be happy with the food.


This, for me, is Persia Grill's strength. The chairs and tables are simple but the decors are modern and exotic at the same time. My pictures don't do them justice. I love the pointed arches and the teapots! So cute! They really do stand out, especially with the lighting.

Persia Grill Interiors

Gotta love the luminescent countertop too, as well as the decorative grate above. The Persian map and the hookahs add a subtle but nice touch.

Persia Grill Interiors

Since this branch mostly caters to students and we went here on a Saturday night, there were only a few customers. The atmosphere was relaxed and intimate. If you like Persia Grill's food and want a quiet environment to bring your date (or work) on a Saturday night, this is the branch for you.

No problem here. The place looked clean and felt clean.

The service was okay. No complaints. Even though it was almost closing time by the time we finished, we didn't feel rushed.

Persia Grill
University Mall
Taft Avenue, Manila
Metro Manila
Persia Grill Web site


  1. Haha... same sentiments about Persia Grill. Mga 3 months preggy pa lang ako nung kumain kami sa Megamall branch, chicken tikka yata order ko. Mas nakakadismaya ang pagiging arrogant ng mga staff nila. Di rin ganun kaimpressive yung food.

    Second bad encounter eh dun sa Sky Garden branch, bad customer service din. The guys ordered a bucket of beer, ako pavlova for dessert. Akala ko nakalimutan lang or wala na silang pavlova kaya di na ako nag follow up. Tapos yung bill, naka charge yung pavlova.

    Until now, di ko pa rin nabablog.

  2. I was able to try Persia Grill in Eco Plaza, I seem to enjoy their food naman. I ordered their Greek salad and I really liked it a lot.

    I noticed that their customer service is bad though. The waiters kept avoiding us for our follow ups, what's up with that?

  3. I visited persin Grill sa MOA the other day, I ordered biryani and keema...was really disappointed because the biryani is like fried rice covered with butter and the keema is not good also.. ka dismaya talaga

  4. A green archer myself, it was just recently that I tried to give this a shot and it still was disappointing :( false advertising, a very non-acommodating "masungit" staff with the serving of lousy food makes this a place I really won't go back to.

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