Sunday, July 31, 2011

Secret Recipe (Shangri-La Mall)

We had heard good things about Secret Recipe so when they had a promo in Ensogo, we bought a voucher.

I had high expectations from Secret Recipe but I was disappointed with our orders.

Bf is a sucker for tom yum soup while I am a sucker for mozzarella, so we ordered Tom Yum Soup and Mozzarella Baked Fish. I was informed that my baked fish would take 15-20 minutes. I had no problem with that. Bf's tom yum soup was served first. We were expecting it to be piping hot, but it was just lukewarm, as if briefly reheated. My baked fish took way longer than 20 minutes to arrive, but it was already cold. Perhaps it was ready a long time ago and they just forgot to serve it? The mozzarella covering the fish looked like and had the mouthfeel of cold scrambled eggs. *sigh*

Secret Recipe Tom Yum Soup
Secret Recipe Tom Yum Soup

For dessert, we ordered a slice of cream cake (for the life of me, I cannot remember what kind it was). That was delicious though we were surprised how thin the slice was. I also ordered a cold chocolate drink with whipped cream. I loved the whipped cream, but the actual chocolate drink was just so-so.


I loved the restaurant's look and color scheme, especially the red couches and the red chairs. If we weren't sitting on one of those pretty and comfy red sofas, I probably would have been grumpy.

Secret Recipe Shangri-La Mall
Secret Recipe in Shangri-La Mall (photo
from their Facebook page)


The female server who attended to us was okay. We had no problem with her behavior. But since our food took such a long time to arrive and were disappointing, I can't say that we were happy with Secret Recipe's service. We also wonder if the poor state of the food served to us was due to us being voucher holders.

Secret Recipe
Level 5
Shangri-La Mall
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Secret Recipe Web site

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